keyan pishdadian


08 16 2015

So it's safe to safe I've failed at keeping a relatively up to date informative blog. It's been over six months since I've posted anything, but thankfully this is mostly a symptom of how productive those months have been.

So what happened since I posted last? Well I worked a little more on my Flask tool, flask-ext-migrate, which was eventually separated into it's own repository. I also worked on a few personal projects including a barebones Dropbox clone I affectionately coined flopbox, a collaborative drawing game scrawl (which is actually hosted on this domain:, and a completely non-functional abandoned chess AI, swordfish, that I worked on with my friend Jon Poler.

During this time I was also accepted to the MSCS program at Dartmouth College, which I had applied to before deciding to go to Recurse Center. After many discussions with peers and mentors I decided to enroll and started looking for a summer internship. Many phone calls and countless questions about sorting algorithms later I landed a great position at Venmo as a backend platform engineer. I ended up enjoying my time there so much that I am ultimately putting off going back to school so I can focus on becoming a better programmer and engineer. I'm just having too much fun programming full-time to give it up quite yet.