keyan pishdadian

Hello World!

01 19 2015

I finally started a blog! I've heard that keeping a blog is an easy way to practice writing and can be educational, so why have I been putting this off?

It could be to avoid adding fuel to the argument that the people in my generation (millennials) are self-absorbed (which is probably accurate to a certain extent), but equally as likely is the fact that organizing one's thoughts in a coherent and interesting way is simply hard! Nevertheless here I am.

So what's the story? Well I just recently quit my job doing bacterial genetics research to come to Recurse Center in New York City. The past couple weeks have already blown by so I decided to start writing this blog as a way of keeping track of what I am working on or learning about. The fear that someone may actually read this is sufficient motivation to properly flesh out ideas and make sure I know what I am talking about before writing it here. Hopefully as I start finishing projects I will write about them in detail. So far I have been working mostly in Python and focusing on learning about low level networking, although I have been getting distracted by a few other things too.

For now I am working on:

  1. a BitTorrent client
  2. generating random text using Markov chains
  3. a simple recommendation engine for Etsy users
  4. contributing to bpython, an open-source fancy Python interpreter
  5. writing a Scheme interpreter with my friend David

but who knows how much of that will get done...